How It Works


Flowextra is a reputable news website, aiming at giving all individuals the best entertainment update and also with an enormous earning opportunity, Flowextra is also a news and educative site that provides you with updates on what’s happening around the country and the globe at large.

Flowextra technology is also an online business platform where you earn and get paid by reading news, daily login to the site and much more all on flowextra platform at the comfort of your home with just your smartphone.

Our aim and vision is to eradicate and put an end to financial problems, create a convenient job and make all our members self-dependent no matter the economic state of the country, and contribute to the global economic development.

On flowextra no more insufficient fund if you’re among the lucky people reading this trust me this will be one of the best opportunities you could ever come across.

Flowextra Ways of Earning

1, You get registered and become a fully financial member on our website with the one time registration fee N2,000

2, We pay 50% affiliate commission which means you get instant payment of N1,000 for each person you registered on our website.

NOTE: Referring is optional.

3, You get instant registration bonus of N500 once ur account is activated.

4, You get instant N200 airtime for posting your credit alert testimony (with a good caption) on our official Facebook group.

5, You get paid the amount of N5 by clicking each of any news you see on our website.

6, You get paid N5 by commenting on any articles on our website (commenting more than once on a single post is prohibited).

7, Login bonus every day is N50

8, Sponsored post every day is N50, and you get all of it together when you log in daily.

And the most interesting part is that you won’t be charged any commission after placing withdrawal.

Once you successfully become a registered member on our website, you can be making nothing less than N50,000 every week with the help of any of our coupon merchants.

Once you place a withdrawal request on this platform, you’ll surely get credited within the period of 2 hours, any day and anytime.

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Top Earners
Profile Image Username GAF
Harttvmedia ₦ 304,000
Carter vsa ₦ 155,000
Banjijohnson ₦ 116,000
Goldtee ₦ 94,000
Masterminds ₦ 91,000
Amazingtvmedia ₦ 66,000
Nassyr ₦ 59,000
Freshtvmedia ₦ 55,000
RunzTv ₦ 55,000
Izy tube ₦ 45,000