Posters of ‘Yahaya Bello for President’ flood Adamawa

February 27, 2021

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POSTERS projecting Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State as aspirants for the presidency come 2023 have flooded Adamawa State.

The posters which are especially visible in strategic parts of the Adamawa State capital, Yola, proclaim Yahaya Bello as a fitting personality to be Nigeria’s president.

In apparent reference to his relative young age, one of the posters reads, ‘For a Generational Change 2023, Yahaya Bello for President.’Indicated as producers of the posters is Nigeria Youth Awareness Group, which pasted the posters on electricity and street light poles, on roundabout walls, on disused sign and billboards, and on about any available surface.

The posters are conspicuous in several places along Numan-Yola Road, especially around the section of the road at the  International Airport, Yola; as well as PZ junction, otherwise called Old Welcome to Yola or Maidoki Roundabout.

The posters are also placed on walls and polls at Mubi Roundabout, Target Junction, and some other such strategic parts of the Yola metropolis.

The posters have elicited comments from residents, most of whom base their opinions on what they could make of Yahaya Bello as depicted by his picture on the posters.

“Let’s see if he gets to be president and what difference he may make as a young man,” said Abdullahi Usman, a resident of Damilu, a community around which Yahaya Bello’s posters are particularly prominent.

Another observer is Mustapha Raji, a resident of a community called State Low Cost, named after a government housing estate there.

He said the publicity stuff is all politics.“I think the guy (Yahaya Bello) is fronting for someone. We will see how things go,” Mustapha Raji said.


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