Zlatan’s video vixen, Bolanle’s six-month old marriage in trouble

July 24, 2021

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The marriage of music video vixen, Omobolanle, who became popular for featuring in Zlatan’s music video for his single, Bolanle, is in a serious crisis.

Her estranged husband, Abiodun Lekan aka Herbbey Lincon, alleged he has been in an abusive and toxic relationship with the video vixen.

The Lincon automobiles boss also revealed he was coerced into marrying the music video vixen after she got pregnant with their only son and threatened to shut him out of his life.“We had a fallout and I decided that I want out as things were toxic for me, I had already before and never laid a hand on my first wife. However, Bolanle told me she was pregnant and wanted us to get married otherwise, I would have no claim over my child,” the message read in parts.

He said though he’s broken over the toxic and abusive relationship and should have opted out of the relationship, his decision to be in the life of his son irrespective of what his mother does has made him succumb to the toxic industry.

“My son has been the reason I succumbed to the pressure of being forced into this marriage, to begin with, meaning I would love to be in his life regardless of how things work out in this current situation,” Bolanle’s husband for six months said.

Responding to the allegations, Bolanle said they were all lies.

“All this lies just to prove to the world that you are a good man. My God will judge you,” Bolanle wrote on her Instagram stories on Friday, July 23.

Bolanle became popular after she featured in Zlatan’s hit single, Bolanle in 2019.


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